How To Do A Tarot Reading With Playing Cards?

If we don't have an available Tarot card deck at hand, don't worry! This subject will show us how we may take advantage of a regular deck of playing cards to do a Tarot reading. It is supposed that the use of playing cards for divination and fortune telling has been around for centuries, most likely Continue reading

Tarot Reading With Playing Cards Spreads

Primarily used as game cards, the ordinary deck of playing cards also inspires interest in Psychic divination. Instead of utilizing the Tarot pieces, some practitioners and Fortune Tellers prefer to work with the playing cards to conduct the art of Tarot reading. With no set of Major Arcana, the Continue reading

Free Tarot Reading With Spread Solves Burning Question

For those who are born with the rich spiritual life, the practice of Tarot reading is regarded as the good ritual. Embrace the mysterious history involved the occult societies; a deck of 78 Tarot cards is psychically shuffled and drawn into some specific spreads. The interpretations of Tarot reading Continue reading