How To Do A Tarot Reading With Playing Cards?

How To Do A Tarot Reading With Playing Cards?

If we don’t have an available Tarot card deck at hand, don’t worry! This subject will show us how we may take advantage of a regular deck of playing cards to do a Tarot reading. It is supposed that the use of playing cards for divination and fortune telling has been around for centuries, most likely begun by the Gypsies.

Beneficial Ways to Do a Tarot Reading with Playing Cards

Of course, it is not necessary for us to have a pack of Tarot cards to perform the Tarot course. Ordinary playing card deck will suffice. Before we start, it is vital to bear in mind that someone may be upset by the disturbing reading; thus, always keep our readings upbeat, positive and emphasize that it is just for fun. If we yearn to get an in-depth and detailed consultation, it is wise to consult a professional reader with a widespread reputation.

A regular Tarot deck owns an extra set of cards, namely the Major Arcana that gives the additional depth and power to the Tarot spread’s meaning. Nevertheless, these qualities will obviously be missing once carrying out with the playing cards.

The suits
Generally, except for the Court cards, there seem to be no images to guide us on our playing card pack; therefore, the 2 most significant factors of the cards will be the numbers and the suits. On a regular basis, the suits in Tarot correspond with the one in a deck of playing cards as shown in the table below:

Tarot Playing Cards Correspondence
Cups Hearts Emotions, relationships, feelings
Pentacles Diamonds Practicalities, material world
Swords Spades Thinking, communication
Wands Clubs Creativity, action

The Numbers In Tarot
Understanding the properties of numbers may provide us with a solid framework on what to base all card readings, regardless of whether they are the Tarot or playing cards. Don’t forget that each attribute will have both a bright and dark aspect. Four, for instance, can mean stability, but it may also signify the stuck feeling. The given list is the meanings of the numbers in playing cards:

The Numbers In Tarot
  • Ace: Beginnings
  • Two: Balance
  • Three: Connection
  • Four: Stability
  • Five: Disturbance
  • Six: Harmony
  • Seven: Mystery
  • Eight: Movement
  • Nine: Growth
  • Ten: Completion

Learn to Read Cards
It is better to begin with 1, 2 and 3 card readings. Draw cards for circumstances we read about on TV or in the press. Every day, pick a card randomly, and then see how we may connect it to our day-to-day triumphs and joys; trials and tribulations. Interpret for buddies by all means, but try to remind them that it is merely for fun and practice. Never try with serious readings till we feel competent. Learn the ways to lay the cards out. Above all, enjoy the exciting experience and remember to buy ourselves a real tarot deck now!

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Tarot Reading With Playing Cards Spreads

Tarot Reading With Playing Cards Spreads

Primarily used as game cards, the ordinary deck of playing cards also inspires interest in Psychic divination. Instead of utilizing the Tarot pieces, some practitioners and Fortune Tellers prefer to work with the playing cards to conduct the art of Tarot reading. With no set of Major Arcana, the ordinary deck calls for the easy interpretations and insightful messages from Spirit Guides, Angels, and Guardians as well.

Learn Playing Card Meanings and Spreads

Begin your practice procedure with one, two, or three cards! The more frequently you work with the whole deck, the better. Hence, intimately shuffle the cards and draw them out in the certain Spreads due to the demanding situations! Whether you read for yourself or for the others, it is best to do Tarot Reading with Playing Card Spreads on the daily basis. Pick a card up once a day, you’re able to work and love in preparation.

In most cases, the self-conducted reading is merely for fun and practice. In case of the authentic Tarot Reading, no one can replace the weight of online Tarot readers who can skillfully shuffle the cards and interpret their meanings accurately. In addition to the cards’ meanings, take time studying the variety of Spreads in which different positions allude to the different interpretations.

Psychically, the cards’ positions and relationship with the others modify their meanings. From future prediction to present analyses and past revelation, the practitioners can decipher the questioners’ life patterns based on the cards’ symbolism, their Spreads, and the spirits’ messages. The lack of any ingredient may lead to the insufficient readings.

Learn Playing Card Meanings And Spreads

In order to answers many questions of life, the art of Tarot Reading with Playing Cards leaves a person in the advantageous positions with no damage. As a result, you are showered with the flow of confidence to move forward in every kind of relationship from friendship to partnership.

There are 4 suits in the ordinary deck including Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs. In reference to the set of Minor Arcana within 4 suits, Spades are linked to Swords representing a person’s communication skills and thoughts. Meanwhile, Hearts are like Cups denoting his emotion and feeling whereas Diamonds are correspondent to Pentacles meaning the material aspects of life. How about Clubs? This suit is about Wands reflecting human’s creativity.

Once you’ve understand the playing cards’ meanings, go on drawing out the Spreads with 3 cards, initially! The 3-card Spread from left to right represents the trinity like Past – Present – Future, Situation – Obstacle – Advice, Problem – Cause – Solution, etc.

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Free Tarot Reading With Spread Solves Burning Question

Free Love Tarot Reading turns to be the competent source

For those who are born with the rich spiritual life, the practice of Tarot reading is regarded as the good ritual. Embrace the mysterious history involved the occult societies; a deck of 78 Tarot cards is psychically shuffled and drawn into some specific spreads. The interpretations of Tarot reading heavily depend on the cards’ attached meanings, their relationship with one another, and their positions in the arrangements.

Apparently, every individual has his own burning questions. In general, people are in stuck mainly because of love and relationship. For most cases, Free Love Tarot Reading turns to be the competent source for treating love hiccups, healing your spirits, enhancing love romance, and tightening love bond.

Tarot Spread – Questions around Relationship Problems

Free Tarot Psychic Readings will never lack the top burning issue like love. For those who encounter the problematic relationship, the so-called Tarot readers may use the following spread to pick up the answers to the problems. What runs your love into difficulty? The 9-card spread will reveal the hidden factors that ruin the compatibility. Here is how the cards can be interpreted.

  1. What is the problem exactly?
  2. Where does the conflict come from?
  3. Did you make any wrongdoing that causes the problem?
  4. Will you agree to accept your fault?
  5. Your partner’s experience in the past.
  6. Are you two abusive?
  7. Is the third partly involved in the problem?
  8. Do financial matters influence the relationship?
  9. Will your love die?

Tarot Spread Answers Burning Question “Will I Find True Love?”

It is a lie if you are not on the way to find the true half who loves you wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Will you find him or her? Let Free Tarot Reading Burning Question with 7-card spread answer your case. The detached and impartial perspectives on the past, current, or upcoming relationship will be obtained afterwards. Interpret the cards as follows:

  1. Will you ever find the true half?
  2. Will the attraction be slow or instant?
  3. How will the true mate look like physically?
  4. How will the true mate look like emotionally?
  5. Is there any obstacle delaying the meeting that needs to be solved?
  6. Is there any pitfall preventing the relationship that you have to handle?
  7. When / Where / How will you meet the true love?
Free Tarot Reading With Spread Solves Burning

Answer Burning Question “Is He / She The One?” Via 7-Card Spread

You are in a relationship with a man or a woman, but not entirely sure whether he or she is the one you need. That burning issue drives you to feel too anxious and bewildered to enjoy the love life. Thus, love fulfillment is your big hope. Let Free Tarot Reading Accurate with the 7 powerful cards creates the sacred boundaries around your relationship from now on. Learn to interpret the cards with the following interpretations!

  1. Is he or she the one that you can’t live without?
  2. Can you create any commitment or possible marriage with this person?
  3. Is there any obstacle lying on the way of the united relationship?
  4. Is there any influence enhancing the love bond?
  5. What should you do to let this person become your life mate?
  6. What should this person do before being a part of your life?
  7. Will you live in happiness and comfort with this person?

Convincingly, Free Tarot Readings Online are the perfect recommendation for individuals of all ages. From love to wealth and everything in between, your burning questions will be solved thanks to the spiritual connection with the Spirit Guides, Angels, and Guardians.

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